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Samsung Flip is no flop in the collaboration world (review)
4.0Overall Score

Price (RRP): $from 3,519
Manufacturer: Samsung

Humans like to collaborate. Work together, raise the bar and gain better outcomes. Samsung Flip facilitates collaboration in its unique way.

Before we get into the review, let’s analyse the overused and often abused term collaboration. It means involving compatriots (either in the same room or a wide area network) in a decision tree process to arrive at a better outcome. You can read more at Wikipedia.

There are some fabulous collaboration software and tools including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana, Jira and too many more to list. These capture ideas, allocate tasks, build timelines, nag with reminders and help get a better result. You can add pictures, documents, mock-ups, videos, sticky notes, allocate tasks, produce documents and action statements. The result is an action plan shared with all collaborators.

Samsung Flip does none of that

It is a digital whiteboard/blackboard with benefits. In other words, a real-time visualisation tool to assist with collaboration. Don’t get me wrong. It is far more than a digital whiteboard as it can access LDAP user directories, save and print to network devices, import content and much more.

Samsung Flip

My strongest advice to Samsung is to work with leading collaboration software companies to tightly integrate Flip into the collaboration process. In other words, make it a highly effective tool to help facilitate collaboration, even running their software.

Guaranteed success. Lecture over.

To review the Samsung Flip (Model WM55H), we need to look at what it can do

Australian Website here.

Samsung Flip is essentially a 55”, 4K, portrait or landscape, touch screen ‘whiteboard/blackboard’. It has an optional wheeled solid stand (as tested) or can be wall mounted.

Samsung FlipIt runs a Tizen operating system and has 8GB (about 5GB free) of storage. All this is wrapped up in a Samsung Flip UI (user interface). Firmware updates (now over-the-air) continually add new features, e.g. open Microsoft Office files, LDAP enterprise directory of company users, and so much more (see post review note).

Samsung FlipThe screen acts as a traditional whiteboard or a blackboard with six pen colours and various highlighter combinations. Think of the screen as a 55” sheet of ‘butcher paper’, and you have 20 sheets per roll. Only this butcher paper can import images and Microsoft files.

The wheeled stand is an engineering masterpiece and allows the 55” screen to flip (portrait or landscape) effortlessly. It fits through standard doorways.

This costs $3,519 for the screen and $879 for the stand. You don’t buy this at a major retailer rather a specialist in signage or at Samsung online. Although we have seen some moderate discounts from specialist companies.

In simple terms, you can draw/annotate on whatever you can display and save/distribute it.