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Make it an Apple TV

Along the same lines, you can plug in Apple TV (even the new 4K one) and have Apple TV functionality. The Apple TV remote works fine for moving around the screen.

You should be able to cast from an HDMI equipped device like Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast (not tested).

Make it a TV

We had a Teac Freeview box with TV tuner (RF antenna connection needed) and Freeview Plus. Simple – plug it into the HDMI port. This would also work with Foxtel.

Or an Android TV

We tested with Laser’s 4K Ultra HD media player It turned into a large Android TV. Touch does not work so you need to use the remote or the Logitech Keyboard.

Bluetooth – it does not have this

The stereo (2 x 10W) speakers are fine for average boardroom use reaching 80dB volume. They are not ‘hi-fi’ so if you want to connect external speakers you can’t. There is no 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth.

However, Bluetooth speakers can be connected to many of the HDMI/cast devices and add that extra bass thumping volume when you need it. You may also be able to use an HDMI connected soundbar with 4K pass-through.

How does the Samsung Flip look?

The 55-inch panel is 4K – 3,840 x [email protected] It uses e-LED (a type of Quantum Dot) with a brightness of 300 nits (measured at 220 nits outside the InGlass touch panel). Contrast (the difference between black and white) is about 4000:1. It has a matte non-reflective surface and a 178° viewing angle. It supports 72% sRGB.

As such it is not a bright as a typical 4K TV that starts around 400 nits and can go up to 1000 for HDR. Still, for the boardroom and occasional TV use, it is fine.

It will accept any supported HDMI resolution from VGA to 4K but does not upscale.

Writing/drawing lag – very low

Compared to other electronic whiteboards I have used lag times (pen to image) are very low. They are in the order of 40ms although this slows marginally when four people are drawing. The drawing/writing experience is one of the best with a pen on paper feel.

It has a four-core 1.7GHz processor and has 3GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (5GB free). Tizen 3.0 is teh operating system. It will decode common audio and video codecs.


Flip securely stores all content within a central 8GB database in rolls. This eliminates the need for transcripts or recaps. A password system can protect meeting details. Similarly approved users can access the data stored on Flip.

The Manual is here


Google Jamboard (approx. $12,000 plus annual management frees plus G Suite plan at $600 per year) or Microsoft Surface Hub (RRP over $13,000 plus software).

The Surface Hub is a 55-inch Windows device with full Windows Ink (pressure) support. Flip is operating system agnostic. When connected to a Windows laptop it’s functionally equivalent.

The 55-inch Google Jamboard is very cloud dependent (like a Chromebook) but has the advantage of remote collaboration via its cloud. Flip is for in-house use.