20W wireless charger

Because Qi is a standard, it is backwards compatible with lower wattage devices.

Reverse charging (Power Share)

When Huawei bought this out on the P30/Pro, it neglected to mention it has a paltry 2W and apart from charging wearables it is useless as…

Samsung’s Power Share is a respectable 9W and supports Qi and WPC standards (needed for its Galaxy watches). It will charge iPhones (5W) and other devices quickly.

Battery Summary: I have not used the Note10 long enough to be definitive, but it will give you at least 24 hours in normal use. The 27W charger is fast enough, and it charges overnight on a 5W Qi charge pad.

Operating System (same for Note 10+ and 5G)

Android Google Android 9
Android 10 coming
1 August Security Patch
UI One UI 1.1
Bixby Vision
Google Apps All apps
Google Assistant
Google Lens
Google Pay

Microsoft Apps Office
Samsung Samsung Galaxy Apps
Samsung Pay
Smart Switch
Samsung Health
Kids Home
Parental control
Game Launcher
Game Booster
SmartThings and IoT

You may have read recently about the kerfuffle with Huawei not able to use Google Android or its apps, security patches or future versions etc. Huawei now uses an open-source Android fork for its new Mate 30 series, and that is going to kill sales in the western world.

But it has highlighted the power of standardisation. Google Android or iOS is your choice. These offer the selection of millions of Google Play or Apple apps as well as the ecosystem continually feeding back information to make these OS more secure.

You get a stable, reliable, secure OS with regular security updates (at least every two months) and in Samsung’s case Android 10 is coming – expect it by late 2019.

I like its One UI to the extent that I miss the ‘grease on the wheels’ it provides over pure Android. Everything works flawlessly, and I prefer Samsung’s apps (phone, mail, calendar, camera, etc) over Google’s.

Samsung and Microsoft are collaborating on a close link between Galaxy smartphones and Windows, and this means you can/will be able to unlock your Windows PC with a Samsung phone, seamlessly drag and drop files, share OneDrive and use the Link to Windows features.

DeX is Android on Windows, Mac or a monitor or TV. Drag and drop files from device to device or make quick edits on the big screen with no interruptions. You can even work on your phone while it is connected to the computer via USB to HDMI cable.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Dex

Samsung Switch will export from an older Samsung device, Android, iOS or Blackberry device via USB, Wi-Fi, Samsung Cloud, via PC or Mac, or microSD (if applicable). It is fast and foolproof only requiring you to enter logins and passwords again. You can eliminate that step by using the free Last Pass password manager.

Bixby is not a substitute for Google Assistant, instead a phone level assistant that knows what your phone can do.

Samsung Pay also works with Samsung Watches and is fast and convenient to make micro and large payments. I prefer it to Google Pay.

OS Summary: The best that Google Android can offer as well as the beginnings of seamless Windows integration.  Who could ask for more?


Colours Aura Glow
Aura Black
Same Same
Build Metal frame and Gorilla Glass 6.0 front and back Same Same
IP IP68 – 1.5m for 30 mins Same Same
Size 151 x 71.8 x 7.9 mm
162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm
Same  as
Price $1499
Website Here   .

As you may expect, this is a flagship device with premium look and feel and materials throughout.

Camera (5G is same as Note10+)

The camera is the same as the Note10+ and 5G except for the 3D TOF sensor. The latter score DxOMark 116/117 and 99 for the selfie (the Huawei P30 Pro has 116/89).

Galaxy Note10 camera
Note the Depth Vision is only Note10+/5G variants
Rear camera 1
Main and wide
Sensor: Samsung SAK2L4, 1/2.55″ GRBG
27mm 77° FOV
Dual Pixel PDAF, Object tracking AF
Digital zoom 10x
Advanced AI
Flash: CRI LED
Raw or JPEG
[email protected] and HDR10+ record (still in beta test) and only replays on Note10/+
Zoom in mic
Super slow-mo: 0.4 seconds [email protected] fps – approximately 12 seconds of playback)
Hyperlapse 1080p
Press power key twice to quick launch
Select lens: via icons
Rear Camera 2
12 MP,
Samsung 25K3M3, 1/3.6″
52mm 45° FOV
2x optical zoom
Rear Camera 3
16 MP
S5K3P9SP, 1/3.1”
13mm 123° FOV
Rear Camera 4 N/A (3D TOF on Note10+ and 5G)
10 MP
25mm 80° FOV
Dual Pixel PDAF – Live focus
Auto HDR
[email protected]

The Note10 or +/5G are class-leading cameras. Bad weather has stopped our tests so read the DxOMark review here. It has a few comparison shots with the Huawei P30 Pro.

Let me paraphrase: