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You can even show news feeds and weather on the edge, and even some social networking goodness if you choose, almost as if the edge of the screen were a news ticker at the bottom of a news station.

Unfortunately, they won’t appear just by themselves when the phone is on standby, and it’s kind of a pain to have to get them to switch on, forcing you to rub your finger left and right on the edge to get the Galaxy S6 Edge to wake up and deliver you the information you’re looking for, when you could simply just bring the phone up from standby and see it on a nice big screen instead of a boring edge.


If this information was just in the background, ambient like the clock and not consuming a whole heap of energy, it would be fantastic, but forcing you to touch the phone, rubbing it to get the thing to function in this way, it just feels like a less impressive use for something we’ve seen on the Galaxy Note Edge.

That thought constantly enters the front of mind with the Galaxy S6 Edge, because again, the screen is really cool because it’s really curved, but it just doesn’t do as much as you want, and sometimes it even feels like the screen is a little too sensitive, possibly because you’re essentially gripping the edges with your finger, and as we’ve pointed out, the edges are part of the screen.


About the best thing the edge screen does happens when the phone is on standby and you pick it up from the desk, with your favourite contacts popping up on the edge in tabs that you can swipe out and see the last message or phone call of, with a button to quickly call them.

This feature is super handy, because if you just missed a few calls or texts from people you value immensely — enough to be considered your top contacts — you can check them all from the one screen without having to wake up the phone and wasting more battery power.


Samsung’s implementation of this is excellent, and we love seeing the flow of graphic as it comes in, almost feeling like liquid, as if your finger draws a bubble of information out from the edge, kind of like an interactive lava lamp.

But that’s the most enjoyable aspect we’ve found about the edge screen, and the S6 Edge has the same share of problems from the S6 regular because — survey says! — they’re pretty much the exact same phone.

This feature also works on the unlock and home screens.

This feature also works on the unlock and home screens.

That is, they share the same Exynos octa-core processor, the same storage options, the same memory, the same operating system, the same excellent camera, the same buttons, the same ports, the same high-definition audio support, the same Category 6 4G support, the same reliance on glass and metal, the same… well, you get the picture.

They’re not quite the same in the battery department, though, because the design has allowed Samsung to be a little different in this regard.