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Granted, Samsung has at least boosted the battery in the Edge by a whole 50mAh, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not enough to be useful, and you’ll still only achieve around a day of talking, messaging, emailing, web surfing, listening to music, taking photos, and general use of the phone.


That’s not fantastic, but is about standard for every major phone, so just like we observed in the Galaxy S6 review, we’re sure this won’t be talked up as a huge issue for the phone, since most other phones struggle to get a full day, and this does arrive with a fast charger if you desperately need to get some juice into your phone and there’s a wall wart nearby.

There’s also no expandable memory, something we’re saddened to see missing because it’s a feature Samsung has championed over its major rival for so long. Yet here, you’ll have to pick the storage amount you want from the very beginning, offering a choice of 32, 64, or 128GB, and with no way of expanding this after the fact.

As you can imagine, these bring with different prices, just like on other phones with various storage sizes, and these can get mighty expensive, with the basic 32GB model fetching $1199, the 64GB grabbing $1299, and the 128GB model commanding $1449.


Yes, you read that correctly: a slightly curved edition of the Galaxy S6 with 128GB storage commands almost $1500, a price that is astounding in the grand scheme of things, and can buy you a laptop.

Technically — and in fairness to Samsung — these pricing models aren’t far off what Apple charges for its own phones, with the Galaxy S6 Edge comparable in pricing to the iPhone 6 Plus, which itself sells for identical prices.

That being said, it’s still particularly expensive, and you’re being asked to shell out a good $150 to $200 for a screen that’s curved.


Not everyone wants the same phone, and while we can customise the wallpaper, change the ringtone, add a case, throw some stickers on, and do everything possible to the outside to make it a little bit more you, sometimes, that’s just not enough.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge seems skewed to people who find themselves in that category, where they want the same phone as everyone else, and yet they also don’t, with something crafted with the same care and ingenuity, but with a little more spectacle.

With a screen that is curved slightly on each side, the S6 Edge is definitely that phone, adding an extra $200 for a product that does that and even throws in a little more functionality, minor as it is.

For some, that minor functionality will be major, and having a phone that glows light red when their significant other calls while blue for their boss will be a big deal, because it’s a kind of cool idea that no one else is doing.

Others, however, might just want the curved screen because it’s kind of cool, even if it doesn’t really do much.