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And really, there’s something unmistakably sexy about the design, which appears thinner than what it is, and yet looks like it’s a piece of the future in your hand, your desk, where ever you are.

Basically, the choice between the two comes down to the screen, and if you can live without the curved screen and still want an S6, you can get pretty much identical hardware and software — without the bits the curved screen brings, few that they are — and save some money in the process, with the Galaxy S6 that option.

But if you want something curved, there’s that too, and it’s a good product, a great product even, just one that’s a little more expensive than it probably should be.

Just don’t break it, because the way this thing is made, it probably won’t be cheap to fix, and you’d probably be better buying a new phone.

UPDATE (April 17): We’re checking on something at the moment, because the Australian version of the S6 Edge (and likely the S6) does not have auto-rotation on the gallery, while that international variant of the S6 does. A question has been put into Samsung to find out why this is still the case and if there will be a patch to fix this, because it’s one of those annoying issues Aussies shouldn’t have to see, given other people around the world don’t have to.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge reviewed
Price (RRP): $1199 (starting price); $1199 for 32GB, $1299 for 64GB and $1449 for 128GB; Manufacturer: Samsung
A design that looks totally different, because no one has curved screens like this; Curved screen is very cool; Built with premium materials; Great performance; Like the S6, an absolutely fantastic and bright screen; One of the best cameras in the business; Practically bloat-free version of Android; Includes a fast charger to quickly bring battery back to life;
Battery could be better and isn’t removable; No expandable memory; Water-resistance not part of the package; Curved screen doesn’t really feel as useful as it did on the Note Edge; Expensive… very expensive;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.3Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes