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The battery loses a bit of life when Bluetooth is switched on.

The battery loses a bit of life when Bluetooth is switched on.

Where Samsung has excelled, however, is the inclusion of new technology, because there’s a decent spot of that here.

We are, of course, talking about the Category 9 modem thrown in here, the first of its kind in Australia and capable of downloading at a whopping 450Mbps, which is not only faster than every mobile connection in the country, but will deliver almost 20 times faster than what the government says every home will have access to using the current fibre-to-the-node National Broadband Network.

Category 9 compliance also includes support for Category 6’s 300Mbps maximum, and in our tests, that’s the closest our speeds would get in Sydney where the Edge S6+ was tested on Telstra’s 4GX network.

In fact, our speeds maxed out at 150.88Mbps, well below the 300 guide of Cat 6, but still in the same technology area, as Category 4 maxes out at 150Mbps.


According to a blog post by Telstra, 450Mbps is technically achievable, though we’re waiting on a confirmation from a company representative to find out if anyone will see it. For now, just be happy knowing that the mobile broadband speeds are lightning fast, and just like us, there’s a good chance you’re going to consume all your data trying to find out how “fast” fast is.

So don’t. Seriously, we have to waste data for these speed tests, but you don’t. Your wallet will love you for it.


There are other solid features, too, such as the support for high-resolution audio, which is a little let down due to a lack of a microSD card, meaning you’re stuck with either 32 or 64GB of storage, which won’t be enough for many FLAC albums all things considered.

The fingerprint sensor is also decent, and Samsung appears to have tightened up some of the interface woes with setting it up from last time, so that’s nice to see, too.

And that edge screen? You can still see news, notifications, and weather if you rub the edge and bring it up when it’s lying down, but it doesn’t do much beyond the apps and contacts slider from the side.

It's the same camera... and a fairly similar phone: Galaxy S6 Edge+ on the left, Edge S6 on the right.

It’s the same camera… and a fairly similar phone: Galaxy S6 Edge+ on the left, Edge S6 on the right.

At least the camera is just as solid as it was on the S6 Edge, and there’s even been an improvement made that the current S6 Edge lacks: RAW support.

Found inside the settings of the S6 Edge+ is an option to switch on RAW when you’re shooting in the “pro” mode, providing up to ISO800 and shutter speed control for people who want it, which could be a few.