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Ultimately, if the S6 Edge is something you’re considering, we’d look past it to the bigger phone, because it improves the regular-sized version in some pretty solid ways. Sure, it’s not perfect, and is close to being just an enlarged edition of the device that is changing the way Samsung designs phones, but it manages to work a little better thanks to some extended tweaking.

Simply put, if you have to have an edgy screen, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the one you choose. That’s all there is to it.

Bigger, again: Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ reviewed
Price (RRP): $1199 (starting price); 32GB for $1199; 64GB for $1299; Manufacturer: Samsung
Samsung’s curved screen is still a pretty special design to see in public; Built with premium materials; One of the best and brightest screens on the planet; Very speedy performance; Surprisingly comfortable to hold; An absolutely stellar camera; Fingerprint sensor is one of the better implementations found on an Android phone; Supports high-speed wireless charging; One of the first Category 9 compliant devices on the market in Australia; Technically better value than the standard S6 Edge;
Literally just a big Galaxy S6 Edge; Occasional performance hiccup; No infrared port; Doesn’t come in storage sizes higher than 64GB; No microSD slot;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.4Overall Score
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