Some manufacturers practice this on a regular basis, with Apple doing this since it first conceived the iPhone, and Google joining in with its Nexus products.

Samsung resisted, though, at least until now, where it’s asking people to do the exact same thing.

If you’re not bothered by that, and you’re after what is essentially among the best performance in everything else except the battery, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 ticks all the boxes, and possibly then some, with a phone that feels great in the hands, offers exceptional viewing, fantastic mobile performance, wireless charging, decent security, and a camera that really does perform beautifully.

But if you have to have a microSD slot, then you might want to wait, because the 2015 smartphone wars are only just heating up, and we’re sure LG and Sony will have something new along any moment now.

UPDATE (April 17): We’re checking on something at the moment, because the Australian version of the S6 Edge does not have auto-rotation on the gallery, despite this review model supporting that feature. The review model of the S6 was an international variant, so we’ve put a question into Samsung to find out why this feature is still here (since it’s hardly a feature) and if there will be a patch to fix this, because it’s one of those annoying issues Aussies shouldn’t have to see, given other people around the world don’t have to.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 reviewed
Price (RRP): $999 (starting price): 32GB for $999; 64GB for $1149; 128GB for $1299; Galaxy S6 Edge variant starts at $1199 for 32GB, and will cost $1299 for 64GB and $1449 for 128GB; Manufacturer: Samsung
Built very well; Feels great in the hands; Superb screen; Very fast to use; A fairly clean bloat-free user experience; Excellent camera, and one of the better smartphone cameras we’ve seen; Fingerprint sensor works most of the time;
Battery life really only hits a day; Removable battery is gone; No more upgradeable memory; No more water-resistance; Camera app “pro” mode lacks aperture and shutter-speed control;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.5Overall Score
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