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Front camera

It is f/2.2, 5MP (4:3) and 3.7MP (16:9). It takes creditable selfies and is perfect as a Skype camera. It will record FHD down to VGA. It has palm shutter control and a self-timer.

Field of view is narrow – it is a personal camera only and remember that it is located on the right of the Samsung logo at the “top” in portrait mode – not on the side in landscape mode.

What is Samsung Flow?

If you have a Galaxy class phone It allows you to wirelessly share files, sort through notifications, take calls on the tablet and auto-hotspot link. It really extends the smartphone functionality to the tablet and vice versa.

S Pen – write-on!

The S Pen is a major improvement with 4096 pressure levels making it more useful for editing, marking up, cropping, signing documents, word translation and artistic pursuits.

It is a passive (no battery) pen – it draws power from screen induction (think wireless charging) to operate air hover commands and the erase button.

Designed with Wacom it has perfect palm rejection and fits very comfortably in your writing hand. The whole aim is to reproduce the “pencil on paper” feel and to this end the .7mm tip feels a little more like a fountain pen – silky smooth, just the right resistance, and a good feel.

It will also work in Soundcamp (music composition app supplied) and PEN.UP – a social media sharing app and for annotation on pictures and web sites.

It will “screen write” when the tablet is in sleep more – a digital blackboard great for midnight jottings.


The $189 Cover/keyboard is usable but the keys have around 1mm throw and are closely spaced.

It is more a convenience keyboard to better handle emails and short documents – lack of a trackpad and bezel mounted home/back keys means it is a two-handed job to type and edit.

The magnetic vinyl cover acts as a stand giving about a 130° layback. It lacks a “Surface” like kickstand.

Added value – Galaxy Apps

Samsung has unique Galaxy Apps including a music player, ArtCanvas, Colouring Book, Movie Maker, a version of Autodesk SketchBook and more. These add value to the Galaxy brand.