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The S6 Lite has more saturated colour, greyer cool whites, and lower contrast. But they are both excellent screens and again, if not side-by-side, you would think the S6 Lite was pretty good.

But you need to remember that the Tab S6 is twice the price! I don’t have any real issues with the S6 Lite screen for general use or streaming.

Other differences

The Tab S6 has an active S Pen with 4096 pressure levels as well as tilt to vary line thickness. The S6 lite has a passive pen which is fine for writing and doodling but is far less of an artistic tool.

The Tab S6 and S6 Lite both have a 7040mAh battery. The Tab S6 has a greater energy saving 7nm processor and AMOLED screen but as it has to provide nearly 50% more horsepower battery life is fairly equal.

GadgetGuy’s take – Galaxy Tab S6 or Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – a two-horse race but at different racecourses.

First, I get annoyed with manufacturers that use #metoo naming for what are 100% different devices. You get Lite, Standard, Plus, Ultra and every other marketing term under the sun!

The only familial relationship these share is the Samsung build quality and Android/One UI.2.1.

So, a shoot-out is grossly unfair because it comes down to how much you want to pay and what you reasonably expect it to do.

Our review for the S6 Lite scored it 4.7/5 for a $549+ tablet.

In rating the Tab S6 we use a very different set of paradigms as it is about twice as expensive. We expect

  • Twice the performance – check
  • AMOLED screen – check
  • Fast charge and good battery life – check
  • The best sound – check
  • A better S Pen – check
  • Faster Wi-Fi and USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 – check

I could go on, but it PASSES 100% of the paradigms for a tablet of this price.

Now here is the conundrum. The S6 Lite EXCEEDED many of the paradigms for half the price.

So, to answer our reader’s second email

I’m considering getting one of the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 4G/Wi-Fi 128GB ($799.00 from Officeworks)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G /Wi-Fi 128GB ($1288.00 from Officeworks)

I’d like to get the Tab S6 but is it worth paying the extra $499?  Also, the price varies only a dollar or two between stores, is there a better “street price” at all?

First, I question if you need LTE. To use it means an extra data plan at extra cost. You can always tether the Wi-Fi version to your smartphone, which will probably be faster anyway.

Second, do you need a four-cylinder or six? Android is great as a consumption device (4-cylinder), but unless you can use DeX (6-cylinder) and other productivity apps then you are wasting money.