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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 2020 - biggerer and betterer
4.8Overall Score
Name: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 2020
Price (RRP): $1149-$2049
Manufacturer: Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 2020 and its little brother the S7 represent state-of-the-art Android tablets. It must be getting hard for Samsung to keep improving what is so damned good to start with.

I have been using Android Samsung Galaxy Tab ‘S’ devices since the original Samsung Galaxy Tab S in 2014. They are wonderful and still functioning although my beautiful, original, bronze/copper 10.5″ Tab is stuck at Android 6 and the battery stamina is not there anymore. But the formula has changed from a content consumption device to a serious productivity one. If Android apps work for you, then it could replace a laptop.

The recent formula includes: a great, vibrant, over-saturated AMOLED screen (the base 11″ S7 is IPS LCD); plenty of RAM and storage; latest Wi-Fi standards; optional LTE (and now 5G); Quad speaker sound; an S Pen; and DeX (Samsung Desktop eXperience).

So, to the Galaxy Tab S7+ 2020 (test unit) and Tab S7 (by inference)

Remember this is an evolution of the S6, but in a few cases it is ‘Vive la revolution’.

  • Tab S7 11″ 2560 x 1600 IPS OR
    TAB S7+ 12.4″ 2800 x 1752 Super AMOLED – both are 120Hz refresh and full HDR10+
  • Samsung traditionally uses its Exynos processor, and there is nothing wrong with that. These use the 2020 powerhouse Qualcomm SD865+ and Adreno 650 GPU. This is the most powerful processor suitable for games and more
  • It has 6/8GB LPDDRX5 RAM and 128/256GB UFS 3.0 storage. The fastest you can get as well as up to 1TB of micro-SD expansion
  • Wi-Fi 6 AX, BT 5.0
  • Quad speakers with Dolby Atmos decoding to 2.0
  • 8000/10,090mAh batteries. 15W charger supplied but an optional 45W USB-C PD 3.0 super-fast charge is available
  • The new Dynamic S Pen (same as Note20 Ultra) and Air Gestures
  • DeX Wireless or cable over USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps)
  • Dual 13/5MP rear camera and 8MP front
  • Android 10 and now a promise of three OS upgrades

These are substantial changes. Not quite enough to throw out the Galaxy Tab S5 or S6 but enough to drool over. And this is probably the right mix to entice iPad Pro owners back to the light side.

Price – it is up there with an iPad Pro

I want to start with the price because the specifications are as good as a top-drawer Galaxy S20 smartphone. Compared to the Tab S6 and Tab S6 Lite these are three to four times the cost.

The Tab S6 Lite Wi-Fi/LTE at $499/699 will remain for the next few months. Gone is the S6 and S5.

What Samsung has done is position the Galaxy Tab A-series 10.1 Wi-Fi/LTE at $349/499 for the value market, and these are more traditional Android tablets.

Pre-orders to 10 September get a free keyboard cover at $359. It includes the S Pend but not the 45W fast charger. There is a free Keyboard/cover for pre-orders but act before 10 September.

Tab S7VariantColoursRRP
6GB + 128GBWi-FiMystic Silver
Mystic Bronze
8GB + 256GBWi-FiMystic Silver$1,349
6GB + 128GB4GMystic Silver$1,349
8GB + 256GB4GMystic Silver$1,549
  Tab S7+VariantColoursRRP
6GB + 128GBWi-FiMystic Silver
Mystic Bronze
8GB + 256GBWi-FiMystic Silver$1,749
6GB + 128GB4GMystic Silver$1,749
8GB + 256GB5GMystic Silver$2,049


Looks – flat

Its brushed aluminium body has square edges and a flat back with only the slightest camera bump. The tablet is a tad slippery, so hold on tight to both sides – it is a fingerprint magnet.

It has very small bezels (<10mm) and a landscape front camera. It cries out for the keyboard to address the P-word – Productivity. If you don’t buy a keyboard ($339), you will only use it as a premium consumption device, and that is OK too.

Tablets tend to forget login protection, but remember this is more a big phone than ever. It has face recognition, ultrasonic fingerprint, PIN, pattern and password options. Use them! And don’t forget that Samsung has Knox and you can set up secure folders, secure Wi-FI and more.

Android 10 and Samsung UI 2.5

Remember it’s a big phone so almost anything you can do on a Samsung Galaxy you can do on this. OK, Google, Google Lens, Microsoft 365 and millions of apps. But add to that Android 10’s features and apps, and you have a device that, with a small learning curve and a keyboard can rival a laptop.

New low-latency S-Pen

I have always said the S Pen experience is as good as the pen on paper experience. This improves that – it is an even more silky smooth, precise experience. You can sketch, doodle, handwrite, professionally draw, translate and more. You can also use it as a remote camera shutter button.

Samsung Notes Productivity at laptop levels

  • Works powered on  or off – write on the screen
  • PDF Markup
  • Sync note and audio recordings
  • A new pop up note over video/podcast or video conference.
  • Converts handwriting to text very well
  • Add photos, voice notes and searchable tags.
  • Samsung Notes (.SDOCX). Image and text export to Microsoft 365 as well as OneDrive for other Android devices.

Samsung’s Notes app is terrific. I am looking forward to testing it more in the Note20 review coming soon.