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Sensors are also found here, with your typical accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope joined by a heart-rate sensor and a UV light sensor.

A strap comes mounted to the Gear S smartwatch, but this can be removed if needed, unlike the battery which is not removable and is rated as 300mAh.


We’ve seen quite a few smartwatches over the past year or two, but the Samsung Gear S may well be the one of the more interesting gadgets we’ve seen the traverse this category, stepping in as both a smartwatch and a smartphone.

When you pick up the watch for the first time, it’ll be clear that Samsung hasn’t designed this like an ordinary smartwatch, and we say “ordinary” carefully since the whole smartwatch thing is new as it is.

Instead of the typical square or circular screen, the Gear S relies on a curved rectangular screen, and it’s not curved like the subtle curve the Galaxy Note Edge brings.

Rather, this is totally curved, stretching across your wrist in an arc, almost as if the watch was trying to conform to the slope of your arm.

That said, its size is very noticeable, and if you like a smaller watch, you will not be into the design or style Samsung is presenting here, with the Gear S resembling more of a gadget for your wrist rather than the holder of time.

And that’s fair, because the Gear S does so much more than tell you where the sun is positioned in the sky.

For instance, it can pick up phone calls, make phone calls, read your text messages, tell you the weather, what the ultraviolet level is like outside, control your music, tell you how many steps you’ve run, let you read the news few images, and even find your phone in a pinch if you’ve left it somewhere in the home and you only have access to your watch.

But it is large, and the size won’t suit all, so try it on before plonking down the $449 this thing costs.

At least the band is replaceable, though unlike some other smartwatches, this is a totally proprietary band, so you’ll need to buy another from Samsung, and we’re not sure how many of these will be easy to find.

For most, the included band should be fine, and all you really need to do is change the button holes on the clasp to make sure it fits.