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Just a taste: Samsung’s Milk music service reviewed
3.0Overall Score

Price (RRP): $Free, though only to Samsung phone and tablet owners;
Manufacturer: Samsung

When it comes to places to find music online, we’re not exactly for starving for choice. In the space of a minute, we can name Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, Rdio, Guvera, Deezer, JB HiFi Now, Apple’s iTunes Radio, and 8Tracks, and they’re just the ones we can think of now. Search harder and you’ll find more.

But most of these require money, and with only Spotify, Pandora and Guvera taking care of the whole freebie side of things, and in ad-based ways, what else is there?

Well, if you’re a Samsung phone owner, you can get something else, but it does come with a rather unusual name. Got Milk?


Features and performance

If there’s one thing we love our phones for, it’s music.

Sit on a bus, train, plane, or just watch anyone walking on the streets, and there’s a good chance that within the space of five minutes, you will find someone plugged into their phones listening to music through earbuds, in-earphones, or over-the-ear phones.

We love music, and we love bringing it with us where ever we do. We’ve loved it ever since the Walkman first showed up to help us do so in the late 70s and early 80s, and humans have never looked back.

The technology eventually got progressively smaller, convergence occurred, and now we carry our music with us in our phones, devices that have also replaced other parts of our lives, such as the need to carry a camera around where ever we go, and for others, possibly even a full computer.

Our choices of where we can find music have been impacted by these changes, too, and while you used to have to grab a cassette tape, compact disc, Mini Disc, or load music files onto a modern media player, now you don’t even need the files, as the web can serve as your library.

Services like Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music, Rara, and Guvera can all provide music streamed right to your device, and now Samsung’s Milk can, too.


Powered by yet another service — Slacker — Milk is essentially a digital radio replacement, so less like Spotify and more like Pandora.

There is no caching and no way of storing the files locally, so you’ll instead be tuning into radio stations curated by experts, with names like “UK Alternative”, “Classic Electronic”, “EDM Hits”, “Old Skool Hip Hop”, “Dream Pop”, “Dubstep”, “Motown”, “Jazz” and a bunch of others, all of which are streaming music on the fly, though they all generally start their tracks on your initial tune in.

All up, there are over 200 stations according to Samsung, which by our count currently shows up as 255, and while you can select them by station name, you can also pick them using a circular controller, if you feel like having a more tactile method of interacting with your music selection.