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The NX10’s AF worked well in most situations except, predictably, low-contrast scenes, where it often hunted for the subject.

The electronic viewfinder sometimes struggles to maintain a real-time preview as you adjust zoom length. This may be frustrating when shooting sports or other subjects that rapidly change their distance from the camera.

Apart from some jelly effect when shooting handheld, quality of the NX10’s 720p HD movie capture is consistent with oher cameras in this class, but you can’t zoom and re-focus while recording, which is just as well given the microphone picks up the noise of zoom adjustments.


If you can get past some minor usability issues, what you get with the NX10 is an appealing balance of features that will sit comfortaby with the more advanced user who wants the flexibility of this camera/lens system without the weight/size burden of a full DSLR kit.

Most impressively, Samsung has managed to offer the NX10 with very competitive pricing. Definitely worth a look, but it’s this unit’s successor that I’ll be be keeping an eye out for.

Samsung NX10
Price (RRP): $899, with 30mm pancake lens Manufacturer: Samsung
Compact, versatile: Vibrant images; Interchangeable lenses; Excellent AMOLED display
Fidgety button layout; dial selector difficult to read; AF sluggish in low-contrast scenes
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.6Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes