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One thing does appear to be missing and that’s the ability to tell the difference between when high power suction is needed. As such, the level of suction you pick using either the remote or the app will stay that way through its entire operation.

While there’s apparently an algorithm to determine the shape of the room and the path to take, there’s no such algorithm for switching on high power compared to low power.

Ignoring this, however, the cyclonic motor doesn’t do a bad job, and the charting algorithm will still manage to find its way around your home before needing to go back to base when the PowerBot has completed its cycle.


That is probably the most interesting thing about the Samsung PowerBot, as watching it navigate obstacles is very interesting, especially when it nails it.

That said, if you’re sitting there waiting for the PowerBot vacuum to do its thing, you might feel a little silly in the waiting.

In fact, it would be prudent to take your cables off the ground, much like you would with a toddler, because every so often, the vacuum tries to suck them up, causes sparks. That happened to us at least once, and was followed by shouting.

Pick the unit up, put it down somewhere else, hit play, and it will continue about its business, finishing its mapping of the roof and its subsequent cleaning, with the entire process done in a good 15 or 20 minutes depending on how much space there is to cover.


Overall, the sensors of the PowerBot appear to do a decent job working out where the stairs were, and when it realised there was a wall or a chair blocking it, the robotic vacuum found ways around the obstacles, with objects even acting as low-overhead bridges at points, taking routes we didn’t expect the vacuum to opt for.

But when you really need something vacuumed, waiting for the cleaner to do its thing just doesn’t cut it.

No, for that, you need to take control, and fortunately, Samsung makes that a possibility with the “Point and Clean” button on the remote.


For this to work, simply grab the remote, and then press the down arrow on the directional pad while you’re aiming the remote somewhere on the ground.

You’ll see a little red target aim at the ground, and the vacuum will spring to life to clean up that spot.