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This is actually the fastest way to the get the PowerBot to do its thing properly, and we found the vacuum was quite responsive when we were doing this, so much so that all we had to do was keep pointing and holding that button down and we could control the vacuum efficiently, as if we were holding a piece of food in front of an animal.

At this moment, the PowerBot would keep responding to the command of eating that dust, of sucking it up and getting rid of it, even if there was nothing to remove.


And like that, we had found the most efficient way to control the Samsung PowerBot.

Efficiency is part of the problem with Samsung’s PowerBot, because for a good two minutes while I watched the machine do its thing and try to clean the ground, I thought I could do this better myself with a vacuum and it would still take less time.

Seriously, it’s not as if vacuuming is such a serious chore that a robot is required when a mess needs to be cleaned up.

Rather, the robotic vacuum serves more an ongoing logic, whereby it can clean your house in the background, doing things while you’re not there, such as every time you leave the house.


You can also control the robotic vacuum cleaner using the directional pad on the remote, and you can even connect up your iPhone or Android device to the vacuum via Samsung’s Smart Home app whereby you’ll be given a directional pad and control for the settings, as well as for scheduling.

We need to note that Samsung should probably spend more time on its app as while operation is easy enough, connection is a little more complicated than it needs to be, with the setup asking you to jump through a few networking steps and enter a password in order to get the vacuum and your network talking to each other.


Once connected, though, you’ll find control is easy, and you no longer have to worry about losing that remote (we know you were concerned). And hey, there are even some custom settings to kickstart the VR9000 vacuum, such as it’s morning so the vacuum should come in, or you’re leaving so the vacuum can come out and play.

The biggest dilemma for us with the Samsung PowerBot robotic vacuum isn’t from trying to work out if or when we should use it in exchange from doing it ourselves, but rather the price associated with it.