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With a recommended retail price of $1799, it is very hard to justify whether the Samsung PowerBot VR9200 is worth it. Sure it’s app connected and it can stop for obstacles, and sure you can point to what you want cleaned and it will do it, but so can you.

In essence, you’re paying a thousand dollars more for a small vacuum that does what you want without you needing to get up, and honestly, you’ll probably have to get up and point to the dust if you want it done quickly.

It doesn’t help that the tank for your dust and other assorted particles isn’t terribly large, but really, that time factor plays a bigger part because if you just grabbed a stick or ball vac — any really, forget about the brands — you’ll still get the job done faster.

The tank for your dust isn't particularly big. It's probably "big enough", though that's dependent on the size of your home and if you have an animal that sheds.

The tank for your dust isn’t particularly big. It’s probably “big enough”, though that’s dependent on the size of your home and if you have an animal that sheds.


We’re not sure if the price is totally justified on Samsung’s PowerBot VR9200, but if you really don’t like vacuuming and would prefer to be doing anything else, it’s definitely worth a look, if only because it will constantly be doing it even while you’re not there.

Samsung’s PowerBot robotic vacuum reviewed
Price (RRP): $1799 Manufacturer: Samsung
An actual vacuum cleaner in a robotic vacuum cleaner, and not just another sweeper; Obstacle detection works pretty well; Can be controlled using an app; Supports scheduling; Finds its own way home (eventually); Point and clean is one of the coolest features, and probably the reason to buy it;
Slower than you when it comes to taking out a vacuum and doing the chores; Quiet isn’t quiet at all, and the other modes; No ability to determine when stubborn particles need different speeds of suction; App needs work; Virtual guard relies on D batteries; Expensive;
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.5Overall Score
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