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It comes with two washable filters (use one and rinse one under a tap) and a cleaning tool.

The sensors do a great job of avoiding stairs. It also comes with a ‘Virtual Guard’ – an infra-red beam device that sets up a no-go barrier if needed. It needs two D-Cell batteries – not supplied.

The app

Available for iOS and Android Samsung Smart Home app is obviously designed to control a huge range of smart appliances. Its main purpose is to set rules for going out, coming home, good night and good morning.

The schedule function is flexible allowing single or multiple days or weekly repeat at a specified time. It also has a history to see what it has done.


Full manual here.

 GadgetGuy’s take

There is a market for smart vacuum cleaners but in my opinion a quality canister or stick vacuum cleaner is still required for thorough clean of edges and corners.

Still, the appeal of automated cleaning is interesting if you have the right house and budget for it.

Samsung POWERbot VR9300 vacuum cleaner (updated review)
Name: Samsung Powerbot VR9300 Price (RRP): $1999 Manufacturer: Samsung
Collects a lot of dust and debris - more than I imagined possibleBest on regularly shaped areas on a single levelHandles most floor surfaces wellWon’t fly off the edge of stairs or a balcony
Not great in corners or edges – still need a standard vacuum cleaner for these Recharge time from zero to full is 240 minutesNot 100% reliable e.g. it is not set and forget especially if you don’t prepare the house first
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.0Overall Score
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