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You start by scanning the QR code on each Nest Protect. We found it easiest to set it up near the router, test it works (and it did the first time) and then move it into place. The app allows you to link (interconnect) Nest Protects.

As mentioned earlier you must mount the detector in the right location. For example, not within 3 metres of a stove or beside an air-conditioning vent. Just use the existing locations of the old detectors. On that point, as Nest is larger than the cheap detectors, it should cover any paint rings left from them.

Nest Protect

Smart home integration

Nest being a Google company works flawlessly with Google Assistant. But frankly, the smartphone app is better to use for Nest Protect.

There is a level of IFTTT (If this then that), e.g. If it detects smoke, cut the mains power etc. It can also flash Philips Hue lights red if it detects smoke.

GadgetGuy’s take: Smoke detector on Steroids

This is what smoke detectors should be instead of those dumb, cheap, highly unreliable ones we have all been using.

Our test was to grill some delicious, fatty lamb cutlets that always set off our old smoke alarm. It passed that test – Sold!

We also used a flame (lit paper in a metal bin), and Nest first informed me that the hallway detector had seen smoke. Then an ear piercing alarm went off. I appreciate how quickly the app turns it off. Nest Protect also had a polite voice alert as we put the test fire out.

Nest Protect

It is really smart, and the app adds extra functionality and integration with Google Assistant and other devices. It’s easy to install or retrofit too. And the ‘green ring’ light adds peace of mind that no occasionally red flashing LED can.

Price – hmmm it’s a tad more than the cheapies

JB Hi-Fi has both the wired and battery versions for $189. Officeworks has both for $168. It offers three units for $159 each. Goodguys has a package with two cameras for $747.

Buy locally if only for the great support these companies provide. If you shop online ensure that it is a 2nd generation unit and the price includes local GST (10%) and delivery.

Secure your nest with Nest Protect - 2nd Generation Smoke Detector
Name: Nest Protector 2nd generation smoke detector Price (RRP): $189 Manufacturer: Nest
Passed all my tests - ordinary smoke detectors don'tIncredibly easy retrofitWhat all smoke detectors shoud aspire to
A tad expensive but worth it for those extra few seconds it gives you to get out
Value for money
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4.9Overall Score
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