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Review: Sharp Slow Juicer EJ-CP10BJ
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $499
Manufacturer: Sharp

Slow juicing seems to be the in thing at the moment, and given how it preserves minerals and takes more juice out of the fruit, we get why. Sharp’s slow juicer aims to deliver liquid fruit in spades, while making it easy to clean. Does it succeed?


Built to be easy to clean and maintain, the Sharp EJ-CP10BJ doesn’t have a lot to it, making it easy to store and deal with.

There are three four main parts to this unit, consisting of the motor block at the bottom, the container (also known as the drum), the squeezing screw, and the topper lid.

The container that holds everything together has two plastic chutes built into it, with the left one reserved for fibre, while the right one will see juice expelled.

Inside the container is the one main operating part, a heavy black juicing screw with a metal mesh filter below. This connects to the container, which sits on the main body of the juicer and provides the motor to cause the squeeze screw to turn, pushing the fruit against the container it sits in.

Sharp’s slow juicer won’t operate without the plastic locking top engaged, which provides the main chute for throwing fruit and veggies into the chamber. A plastic chunk pusher is provided as well, shaped to fit in this specific slot.

Two jugs are provided in the box, which is useful given the two slots, making it easy to collect both the fibre and the juice, and then pour it either into the trash or into a glass for consuming, respectively.

Only one plug is needed to operate the appliance, though the switch has three settings, consisting of on, off, and reverse.

A brush is also provided in the box to help clean the filter of the juicer.


Arriving just in time to take advantage of the whole slow juicing movement is Sharp’s EJCP10BJ, a product that lacks a snazzy name, but makes up for it with a compact size and simple operation to take fruit chunks and turn them into a simple beverage.

For those not in the know, slow juicing is also known as “pressure juicing,” and rather than the conventional slice-and-dice metal blade juicer that we’ve all seen in shops for years, relies on a big screw to push the fibre against the container wall to break the fruit down into juice.

This process, unlike the traditional blade-based one which cuts the fibre up like a blender can, means the fruit and vegetable fibre is pushed to within an inch of its life, releasing as much juice and minerals as possible, and losing less than the conventional juicing method.

The Sharp EJ-CP10BJ accomplishes this with a container drum sitting atop a motorised block, which keeps the drum in place using moulded plastic grips and a spine. Setting it up is easy, and with only a few parts, you merely load the bits on piece by piece, before locking the plastic chute top in place.