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Filter combs can be a hassle, that said, but an included brush means you merely need to scrub out some of the remaining stuck food under a tap or soapy water.

Overall, we’re fans of the compact size, because unlike some of the other bulky pressure juicers out there, the EJ-CP10BJ occupies nearly the same space as a small blender, which will play nicely in most kitchens. Less parts also means less cleaning, and that’s positive too.

But like other slow juicers, the tech isn’t cheap, and Sharp’s recommended retail price of $499 does make it a steep ask compared to some of the models coming in under $300 from other brands.


The first slow juicer from the company, Sharp’s slow juicer does a commendable job in a space much smaller than at least one other pressure juicer we’ve seen, and if you lack the space in your kitchen for a big juicer and you want something easy to clean up, the Sharp EJ-CP10BJ is ideal for you.

Review: Sharp Slow Juicer EJ-CP10BJ
Price (RRP): $499 Manufacturer: Sharp
Efficient; Stylish and compact; Easy to clean;
Doesn’t pulp fruit out as well as some of the competitors; A little on the expensive side;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes