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Bose is a worthy Voice Assistant competitor, but it is a 360° sound speaker, far more portable (1kg) and about $100 ($499) cheaper.

Sorry, for my money if I wanted a voice assistant, portable speaker I would buy the JBL Link 10/20 (Google) at $229/299 or Ultimate Ears (Alexa) Blast/Megablast at $195/265.

So how do we rate it?

It is big (240 x 160 x 126 mm), heavy (3kg), mono (not stereo), semi-portable speaker albeit that it has a well-designed, integrated carry handle.

So, we are going to review it as a member of the broader Sonos ecosystem that does not have to tether to a powerpoint for use all over the home.

Sonos Move – portable voice assistant speaker (update - now in Lunar White)
Name: Sonos Move Price (RRP): $599/649 Manufacturer: Sonos
Good volume but keep it 75% for authentic Sonos soundPortable to the extent that you can move it around the home Wi-Fi network
10-hour battery life is more like half that if you push itToo big and heavy for a true portableVoice Assistant portables are an oxymoron
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.3Overall Score
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