But there is one nice feature of in-camera transfer facilities. It organises the photos into virtual folders based on date. If you’re using a separate card reader, all the photos are just in one giant folder. Or, at least, the 1,800-odd photos I’ve taken are all in one folder. The dated folders make for a useful first level of organisation.


Really, it’s hard to see how a still camera could be any better than the Sony Alpha7R III. The thing is superb. Just remember, it’ll typically be a bit of a lump to carry around. The site for the Sony Alpha 7RIII is here.

Sony Alpha7R III digital camera (review)
Name: Sony Alpha7R III Price (RRP): $4,599 Manufacturer: Sony
Superb picture qualityResolution to burnTwin card slots
Large and heavy (with lens)Few trick modes (e.g. time-lapse, stop motion)
Value for money
Ease of use
4.4Overall Score