Sony Bravia KDL40Z4500
3.8Overall Score
Price (RRP): $3,399 Manufacturer: Sony

Reviewer: Thomas Bartlett

As I write, Sony has five different ranges of full high definition LCD TVs available, with their respective forty inch (101 cm) models ranging from $2,199 and to $3,399. For that higher figure you receive the Bravia KDL40Z4500, the model under review here.


This TV is from the new Z4500 series, and features a technological first: a 200 hertz picture. Similar models are marketed in the US as 240 hertz TVs.

The 200/240 figure is the number of picture frames that the TV can display each second. As we point out from time to time, unlike the old CRT TVs, there is in general no need to have faster frame rates for LCD TVs. They don’t flicker, so what’s the point?

The point is what those extra frames consist of. Sony’s older ‘Motionflow 100Hz’. takes the usual 50 frames per second from DVDs, TV or whatever, and between each pair of them creates a new frame which is half way between the two original ones. This eliminates ‘judder’, which is a jerking of the picture as it moves across the picture frame.

This model, with its brand new ‘Motionflow 200Hz’ processing creates not one, but three new frames between each original pair.

The TV also features a dynamic backlight which stretches its contrast ratio to a claimed 80,000:1, and a Digital Living Network Alliance-compatible Ethernet port, plus a USB socket along with Sony’s proprietary Digital Media port.