Sony Master A9F OLED 4K TV – masterpiece
4.5Overall Score

The Sony Master A9F OLED 4K (3840 x 2160) TV is a masterpiece of both imaging technology and sound engineering.

We all know that Sony, Panasonic and many other OLED TV makers get their OLED panels from LG. They then wrap around it their design, sound, electronics and marketing prowess to try to top LG!

Is the Sony Master better than the LG?

To use a Japanese saying “Motoki ni masaru uraki nashi” – no fountain can rise higher than its source. Can Sony do more with the LG OLED panel than LG can?

To prove that Sony placed an LG OLED side-by-side, reset both to the factory defaults and then used a signal generator to simultaneously show a variety of content.

The answer, if you can believe your eyes is yes. Both LG and Sony are excellent. But, in the final analysis, there was a perceptible difference in image quality.

Sony put it down to its marketing positioning, “From Lens to Lounge” claiming it has leveraged its Sony Pictures Entertainment expertise as a producer of blockbuster films and TV series to develop the electronics and finesse the Master A9F OLED to as close to what the filmmaker sees.

As a journalist I want to thank Sony for the facilitating a comparison – we love ‘shoot-outs’. You will note that major retailers no longer place different brands side-by-side for comparison. Their answer to what is the best picture is what makes them the most money!

The Sony Master 55A9F OLED is $4,998 (on special from  $5,799). It is the best Sony has to offer. It uses brand-new 2018-19 technology with its X1 Ultimate Processor and Pixel Contrast Booster. Marketing hype aside it has more power to process more metadata (colour data) on a frame by frame basis than its previous model.