If you have a good sound system, do take a moment when setting up to find the Dynamic Range Control setting in the PS3’s audio menu and changing it from the default of ‘Auto’ to ‘Off’. Dolby TrueHD supports this ‘Auto’ function and consequently often has its dynamic range deadened.


I have dedicated Blu-ray players running through here all the time, but I frequently use the PS3 in preference to any of them because of the authority it takes over the discs.

And one thing you can be certain of: all Blu-ray discs will work in a PS3, because the PS3 is the main test-bed used by Blu-ray disc authors.

Sony PlayStation 3 - the Blu-ray player review
Price (RRP): $$699 Manufacturer: Sony
Full support for all Blu-ray functions including BD-Live; Fully decodes all Blu-ray sound standards; Fast operation
Will not feed new audio standards as bitstreams to external decoder; Cooling fan can be noisy in some circumstances
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.0Overall Score
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