Battery life is about average for this, though at least it is on par with not just Sony’s flagships, but pretty much every other flagship.

We found throughout the course of time with the C5 Ultra that it would manage roughly a day of life, either with Bluetooth switched on or without, so you’ll want to charge this one daily.


But if there’s one thing stopping the C5 Ultra from being a fantastic mid-range bargain, it’s the system performance.

It’s not that the eight-core processor is mediocre — it’s that, too — but it’s more the stability Sony has provided for the not-so-expensive phablet.

In fact, after the phone crashed several times throughout two days and decided to restart itself a couple of other times, we have a hard time saying good things about its performance in general.

Aside for these rather curious performance glitches, and they’re pretty severe, it’s an adequately performing smartphone, with the eight-core processor allowing you to jump from app to app fairly easily usually with half a second of day, though some apps and features — like the camera — can certainly take their time to load.

We need to stress that mediocre performance isn’t the C5 Ultra’s main problem, though, because for the most part it is overall decent experience.


It’s the crashing that really kills it.

All of a sudden, your phone will just reset. You’ll turn to it and voila, it’s going through the Sony Xperia start-up, and you’ll wonder why that’s happening.

Other times, the crash is more severe, and you’ll be browsing a webpage or trying to use the phone and it will just stop. The screen will stay on and you’ll feel like you’re using the device, and yet it will be doing nothing.

Less than nothing, actually, because it has stopped, and requires you to hold down the power button and volume up to force it to reset, you know since the battery is built in and you can’t just give it a good whack to cut the power.

And much like the recent Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact, our time with the C5 Ultra revealed a camera that required at least five seconds to load. Yeesh.