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All other Android-specific buttons are software based and found as part of the operating system, sitting at the bottom of the 4.6 inch display and only visible (and usable) when the phone is switched on.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the support for water-resistance, with IP65/8 resistance back for another dance, catering to a fair amount of dust- and water-proofing out of the box.

The battery is rated at 2700mAh and is not removable.



This year, Sony is keeping the whole “compact” range going, back from when it started with the Z1 Compact early last year before fixing and making even better in the latter half of the year with the Z3 Compact.

Now it’s back, and with the smartphone game well and truly on fire, Sony has to make a dent with this one in order to show it has the guts to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, which are really playing for keeps.

Does the Z5 Compact have what it takes to throttle the competition?


In the hands, much of the positivity we had for the Z5’s design has been transferred to the smaller body, with a slightly softened rectangular block that is super easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

That’s an evolution of the omni-balance design Sony has been trying to push forward with for a few years now, and while this is a refinement of that design, there are some changes.

Most notable, there is no longer a magnetic charge dock port, so you can throw those old docks away, and the door for the USB port has disappeared, and that’s because Sony has found a way to make the microUSB port cap-less and yet still be water resistant.

That’s right, you’ll be able to take this phone into the water without fear that the port will end up dying in the process, because in the Z5 Compact, Sony is offering a highly water resistant microUSB port, provided it’s freshwater you’re talking about. More on that in a moment.


The other major change to the design is in the power button, and what was previously a small circular metal button is now a flat rectangular plastic button, but it comes with a cool improvement: a fingerprint reader.