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Sony XZ2


Colours, especially the red Sodoku book are very accurate. There is fine detail in the dog fur and even lighting sans flash.

Indoor low light

Sony XZ2

Here ISO bumps up to 250, f/2.0 and 1/16second exposure. The 1.22 μm pixels are not overly large, so it’s relying a lot on post-processing. Colours are muted but accurate. It picks up the ribbon bar of the Word document on the screen but burns out the text. I later reshot with manual settings and could see traces of text.

Overall its low-light performance is better than the XZ Premium. I shot the same images on the Huawei P20 Pro, Google Pixel 2 XL, and Samsung S9+. As far as my [trained] eye can see they are all pretty good.


3840 high. Good stitching.

Bokeh (changing focus)

Done post-processing as it does not use a second lens. This requires software to identify the main foreground image and blur the background. It is fine – not perfect.


The 5MP, f/2.2 lens is OK but lacking autofocus; the results are average. Colours and detail are excellent.


Sony espouses that it has 1080p/960fps super slo-mo but its only for a fraction of a second. I found the timing to tight to take useful shots and went back to 720p to get more frames.

The 4K recording was interesting. It looked good on the Sony display, but all I could get was [email protected] Colour was good, but the detail was not as sharp as I expected. I later found that there no post-processing sharpening in video.

[email protected] is extremely good with EIS kicking in, HDR active and good post-processing.

Camera summary: As good as it gets with current technology. The Sony XZ2 does a remarkable job for a single lens.


It has Android 8.x. Sony has overlaid its UI, and that adds value without taking away from Android. Android 9 is on its way.

Sony offers a large range of its apps. I did not test them.