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Review: Soul Jet active noise cancelling headphones
3.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $299
Manufacturer: Soul

Noise cancelling is one of those things you simply must have if you’re planning on taking a flight, and Soul is showing us just what the brand is capable of as it moves away from the Ludacris hip-hop style and goes for something a little more subtle.


The latest cans from one of the more obvious competitors to Beats by Dr. Dre, the Soul Jet are a pair of headphones sporting noise cancellation, a subtle design, and the ability to fold up easily to take them on the go.

The headphones are made from a combination of plastics, with a metal covered frame underneath, with foam and vinyl used on the ear pads.

Soul’s metal and plastic headband includes hinges along the inside that makes it easy to fold the headphones up for easy storage, and even provides a carrying case with a carbine clip to make this easier.

Detachable cables are used here, with two included. One cable includes an iPhone compatible remote with microphone and music controls, while the other is for devices that don’t support the iPhone remote (such as Android and Windows Phone handsets) with a microphone in place of the remote.

An airline headphone adaptor is also included, as is the 3.5mm to 6.25mm headset jack converter, while a single AAA battery is packaged in with the headphones and is required to make the Soul Jet’s active noise cancellation work.

The AAA battery has to be installed on the right headphone, with the compartment opening up when you push up on the exterior of the can.

The Soul Jet headphones can be played without noise cancellation switched on.


Ever since noise cancellation was a thing we could afford, writers like this one have encouraged others to embrace noise cancelling headphones when they’re planning on taking a flight, with the technology equipped headphones helping to make the flight more enjoyable thanks to the way these headphones kill the drone of the aircraft engines.

Active noise cancellation isn’t a new thing either, mind you, and headphone manufacturers have been trying to improve the technology since it was first introduced to consumers in the 90s.

Soul’s attempt at innovating in this area is to take a four microphone setup, throw it into some smaller headphones, and make these collapsible so you can take them where ever you go.