For example, in the middle of a home with satellites up and down a hallway. We could not test daisy chaining, e.g. Master to Satellite to Satellite as we only had two units but remember it will only be as effective as the backchannel bandwidth to the Master.

Under all other circumstances use Ethernet and Powerline adaptors to connect satellites. We say that because while the MR2200AC are more powerful than the typical master/slave mesh combo and offer better upload/download speeds, they still need a good backchannel.

And, the winner

It is not fair to expect any AC2200 mesh router with 2×2 internal antenna to match up to a powerhouse AC5300 (1000+2167+2167Mbps) with a 1.4GHz processor, eight external antennae and HT160 band aggregation.

Still, in our home the AC5300 does have black spots and Mesh will get some signal, even if it is a slower 2.4Ghz one, into those spots.

The Synology MR2200AC tri-band delivers significantly more power than the dual-band reviews.

GadgetGuy’s take: Synology MR2200AC

While I am yet to be convinced about ‘mesh over might’ the Synology works well, the app is good and in the right place would deliver a signal (any signal is better than none) further than a stand-alone AC 5300 router. From what I read it delivers more power than the master/slave combos some other brands sell.

Would I buy it?

If I were a single or dual level apartment or townhouse, had no more typical ten connected devices and could not install Ethernet cables then yes – it makes sense!

With due respect to Synology however, it will not work for me as I have 30+ devices in my home network and the D-Link AC5300 has the horsepower to handle that.

Just as Synology can get two or more standard routers working in a mesh, I suspect we will see a lot more whole-of-home solutions using the IEEE 802.11s mesh standard.

And, do not forget that Wi-Fi 6 (AX) is coming with speeds of 6000 to 11000. Sure, this will be costly, but they have the power to support ever-growing networks.

So in the right place, it’s a winner.  And, don’t forget if you can use Ethernet to connect them it offers AC2200 experience off each router.

We rate it as an AC2200 router under perfect mesh conditions.

Price Synology MR2200AC

Synology sells via local computer stores. Expect to pay around $220 each or a little less per unit in a multi-bundle.

Synology MR2200AC Mesh tri-band Wi-Fi Router
Name: Synology MR2200AC Mesh tri-band Wi-Fi Router Price (RRP): $220 Manufacturer: Synology
Good in the right places - covers blind spots that an AC5300 can’t reach SRM 1.2 app is easy to use and provides analytics for those that understand themTrust Synology to keep software updated (it is good like that)Well-made and easy to set upUses the same device as a router or a satellite – good but a little more expensiveUSB 3.1 Gen 1 5Gbps port for NAS like storage support
Bad in the wrong placesPrice for three units would lead me to an AC5300 plus range extendersLimited to the back-channel speed achievable between routersOnly one LAN and WAN ports and no Ethernet Link aggregationDoes not support IEEE standard to work with other brands (very few do)
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.1Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes