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Thinkware F800Pro

The rear camera uses the same Sony IMX291 sensor and produces great images in most conditions.

Thinkware F800Pro

You can view actual video uploads here (as most models use a similar sensor this is typical of Thinkware dashcam footage).

And if you permanently wire the Thinkware F800Pro into your car system, you can access Parking Mode with energy saving features and time-lapse photography.

ADAS – audible alerts

Advanced driver assistance worked reasonably well although the test Lexus NX-300 has these as well.

High Speed/Urban Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS/uFCWS) – calculates the distance between your vehicle and the one ahead taking into account speed limits.

Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) – never sit at a green light again!

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) – works over 50kmph to let you know if you are wandering out of your lane (depends on seeing white lines)

Safety Camera Alerts – we are unsure of the data pedigree, but it seems OK. I suspect it uses datasets provided by the various state governments so it is accurate for fixed cameras and indicate typical mobile speed camera zones.

GadgetGuys take: The Thinkware F800Pro is very good

Buy it for its low light capabilities alone. For a 1K camera, it does a very good job – better than most we have seen. The competition is moving to 2K and 4K – we note Thinkware has a Q800 4K coming too.

We are not going to comment on value – that is a matter for users to decide. We are going to comment on quality and reliability, and I think that is where Thinkware shines.

Thinkware F800Pro and optional rear-view safety camera
Name: Thinkware F800Pro and optional rear camera Price (RRP): $from 539.95 plus read camera and fitting Manufacturer: Thinkware
Best low light performance I have seenSmall and discrete
Get it professionally installed - it is worth itRelies on smartphone mobile data for cloud access
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.0Overall Score
Reader Rating 4 Votes