Review: Toshiba 47VL900A LCD TV
4.4Overall Score
Price (RRP): $1,999 Manufacturer: Toshiba

Toshiba’s new 47 incher, the 47VL900A LED/LCD TV sports a very special new feature: WiDi. What is it? What does it do? And how’s the rest of this TV?


Well, first, WiDi. This is short for Intel Wireless Display. New computers using Intel’s recent processors support this feature, which is simply the ability to reflect the screen from the computer to the TV wirelessly.

And that is, in my books, one very cool feature indeed.

Otherwise, this is a passive 3D TV with a very thin border, under 12mm from the edge of the picture to the edge of the body. Since the glass is flat to within a millimetre or so of the edge, the borders seem almost non-existent.

The passive 3D technology works by delivering the left and right eye views to the TV simultaneously, one eye on the odd-numbered lines and the other on even-numbered lines. Polarised glasses separate the images from the two. The glasses are light and cheap because they don’t use an ‘active’ liquid crystal shutter system. You get four sets of glasses included in the price.

The full high definition panel offers a contrast ratio of up to 7 million to 1 and has the ability to brighten and darken different parts of the screen independently.