Now one caveat. The Uniden UPP 1000 is a jump starter and assumes that the existing in-car battery is functional. It cannot start a vehicle without the battery in place.


It is a single 5V LED equivalent to a 25W incandescent bulb. It produces around 500-lumen in a narrow beam out to about 3 metres.


GadgetGuy’s take – the Uniden UPP 1000 is a great for peace of mind

It is well made, well priced, a water-proof jump starter and supports USB-C and PD 2.0 charging. It’s a perfect gift for a motorist, boatie, camper or more.

And for the ideal geek gift try Uniden’s IPP 80S solar battery power bank – GadgetGuy review here.

Uniden UPP 1000 waterproof jump start kit
Name: Uniden UPP 1000 Waterproof Jump Start Kit Price (RRP): $199 Manufacturer: Uniden
A complete kit for jump startA useful USB-C OPD 2.0 power bankLong life 1000 cycle battery
Value for money
Ease of Use
5.0Overall Score
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