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LastPass free services

  • Works with almost any desktop browser or mobile operating system
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Automatic duplicate password detection
  • Both encrypted cloud and locally-stored master password and vault
  • Merging with browser-saved passwords
  • Autofill passwords
  • Edit passwords
  • Generate passwords
  • Password strength auditing
  • Restrict login to specified countries/regions
  • Secure notes/wallet
  • SMS account recovery
  • Autofill web forms (financial information, addresses, and other common web forms)
  • Two-step verification (2FA)

LastPass premium paid services

  • Passwords sharing (for family members or friends)
  • Emergency access nominee (in case you are incapacitated)
  • Multi-factor authentication such as YubiKey
  • Application passwords (not just browser forms)
  • 1GB encrypted storage
  • LastPass Family and enterprise versions

LastPass setup

I am using the Firefox plugin, but it has support for Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge in Windows and macOS.

After setting up an account (I had forgotten I had tried this years ago, so my email address revealed an account and my generic password worked!) you set a very strong password. I suggest a memorable phrase from a movie – ‘Here’sLookingYouKid’ or “YouCallThatAKnife” or “CanIPetYourPuppy” and add some symbols and numbers. Do not use phrases that you may have used even once in social media posts.


That is it. As you visit websites on a desktop or Android/iOS device, it adds them to your vault which is accessible across all devices as it is in the cloud. You can use your passwords or generate new ones – it will perform a security check for compromised passwords.


LastPass also syncs to your devices and downloads an encrypted vault you can access offline via the browser or app. For added security, you must have logged into the browser or app on that device when online before. Note most disk cleaners will remove the local cache – when you log in the LastPass it downloads again.

You can also use LastPass from a shared on internet café PC by logging into its website. It does not download the vault in that case.


Secure Notes

Most people use a sticky note or email contacts for storing information like birthdays etc. While Gmail and Outlook 365 are secure, you often share contacts with Facebook etc., and that other information could be compromised.

With Secure Notes, you can store all manner of things like serial numbers, invoices and purchase dates, membership numbers etc. It can store an unlimited number of notes (total 450,000 characters) and documents or images.

File types include: csv, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, txt, xl, xlsx, pdf, png, gif, jpg, m4a, mpg, wav, av, rtf, html, htm, mov, tiff, tif, jpeg, wmv, tsv, zip, rar, log, and key.

Note macOS users need to install the LastPass Binary component to use this feature.

Each attachment can be up to 10 MB in size, and your total storage limits are dependent on your account type (i.e., Free users have up to 50 MB whereas Premium, Families, Teams, and Enterprise accounts have up to 1 GB).

GadgetGuy’s take – LastPass is worth many times its price!

It’s only after a breach that you realise how many passwords you have and how weak many are.

Having used the free LastPass free for a few months, I will never go back. I don’t need Premium (single user $4.20 per month) or Family (6 users @$5.52 per month), but you can review the features you want here and decide what suits you.

It offers so many more security features than a browser, and all your devices can access the cloud.

LastPass has had a few critical so-called ‘user reviews’, and most relate to customer support – or lack thereof. In part that is why I waited four months before writing the review – to see if there are any bugs. As a techie type, I have had no issues in Windows and Android – it has been excellent, and it is free, so that correlates with a lack of support.

LastPass meets or exceeds our review paradigms – it is a five-out-of-five. Now a plea to readers – start using a password manager!