The buds themselves worked with reasonable sound quality for the price. They steered clear of excessive sharpness, holding back sibilance yet providing good delivery of cymbals and other high frequency components. Overall balance was a little bright, but nothing was under-represented. The bass was quite strong and well-enough extended that just about all music was competently delivered.


The only drawback was that I found myself maxing out my phone’s volume control much of the time. If the music had been recorded at a low level, achieving a satisfying level might have been difficult. A little more gain would be useful.

The speaker was clearly a couple of orders of magnitude poorer in sound quality. Really, one-inch drivers are not ideal for listening to music. When I had the music on max volume through the buds, then snapped them into the case and closed the lid, the level was too high from the speaker. By “too high” I don’t mean deafening. I mean too loud for the speaker to handle. The sound was typically a highly confused, distorted mess until I turned the level down to something appropriate for such a small speaker. Be prepared to lower the volume level when you use the speaker.

But it’s still a great feature, especially for things like podcasts where sound quality matters far less.


Given the price of the Vissles earbuds, they’d be worthy of a recommendation even without the useful little speaker. It’s a clever and potentially useful idea. I wonder if we’ll see more along these lines. So far, with all the many true wireless earphones we’ve reviewed over the years, we’ve never see these functions combined.

The Vissles true wireless earphones and speaker are available from Vissles here.

Vissles true wireless earphones
Name: Vissles true wireless earphones Price (RRP): $US69 Manufacturer: Vissles
Hey, a little speaker is includedLong battery leftComfortable fit
Case could be better designed to accommodate largest tip size
Value for money
Ease of use
4.3Overall Score