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...or even horseback riding

…or even horseback riding

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While good, it does have its limits. If you move too fast, Dobby can get a bit confused, and varying lighting conditions (such as low light) can trip it up. The follow-me feature isn’t something that you’d use for extended periods of time either but is a fun way to put yourself in front of the camera.

Once you’ve recorded your footage, it’s stored on Dobby’s 16GB non-removable memory, although this can be transferred to your mobile via Wi-Fi or you can plug in the supplied USB-C cable.

On the power side of things, the Dobby can fly for 9 minutes on a full charge. It comes with one lithium-ion battery in the box, and there’s a USB-C based charger and battery cradle included. It’s also great to see a USB-C to Micro-USB adaptor included just in case you want to use a Micro-USB cable.

The battery, thankfully, has an LED charge indicator on it so you can check battery levels on the go, and it takes about 90 minutes for a full charge.


The battery charge indicator lets you know how close Dobby is to running out of juice.

All up, we enjoyed our time with Dobby, and this little drone will provide hours of fun over the holidays. The ability to easily pack it into a bag or pocket means you have the option of a drone-shot selfie or video wherever you find yourself, and is a great excuse to get out into the glorious Australian summer and capture some great memories.  You can buy Dobby from its website, or at selected retailers.

ZeroTech 'Dobby' Selfie Drone
Price (RRP): $599 Manufacturer: ZeroTech
Very easy to carry and packs in quite a few features.
Loud, could do with a longer battery life.
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.9Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes