Slimmer and sleeker PS5 console launch details confirmed

PS5 Slim release date Australia

After its reveal earlier in the year, Sony has announced a 6 December release date for its new slim PS5 model in Australia, with pre-orders open now.

It’s a welcome revision to the popular console, considering the November 2020 launch model’s imposing size was tricky to fit comfortably on TV cabinets. Functionally the same as the larger launch model it will replace, the slim treatment applies to both the disc drive-less PS5 Digital Edition and the standard PS5. Sony reduced the console’s volume by more than 30%, shaving weight by as much as 24%.

Another change introduced by the slim PS5 is that it comes with four cover panels instead of two. Separated by a racing stripe-like gap, these panels might be easier to remove for storage upgrades than the original’s rigid panels. It’ll also support an attachable Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive if you want to upgrade the digital version of the console later on.

Different from the initial console release, the slim PS5 models come with a horizontal stand instead of a vertical one. If you prefer standing your console upright, or space constraints limit laying it sideways, a vertical stand is a separate $49.95 purchase.

A slight storage upgrade also comes to the PS5 facelift: 1TB up from 825GB. It’s not yet known how much of this will be usable but it’s an upgrade nonetheless. If you play a lot of games, many of which take up 100GB+ of storage each, you’ll likely still want to add an expansion drive like the WD Black SN850 or Samsung 990 Pro.

PS5 slim release date and price

As confirmed by local Sony reps, the PS5 slim release date is 6 December 2023, so not too far away. Both the digital and disc drive console versions will cost the same as the older, chunkier model. Although the digital version is slightly cheaper, you might want to consider the likelihood of wanting to add a disc drive later on. At $159.95 for an attachable drive, the cost combined with the console runs higher than buying a disc-based console in the first place.

Sony also confirmed that many of its colourful PS5 Console Covers will launch with slim-compatible versions early next year. This includes a matte black cover and several Deep Earth Collection colours like Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. Covers for the original PS5 tend to cost around $80, with exact pricing for the new versions to be confirmed.

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