PSB Imagine Series loudspeakers

Exhibiting the finest presentation for proportion, sculptural form and visual detail since PSB’s flagship Synchrony line-up, each of the four models in the Canadian company’s Imagine home theatre speakers share the same wideband, ultra-accurate, titanium dome 25mm tweeter and high output (135mm) woofer.

The tweeter exploits an efficient magnetic design that extends output at both frequency extremes “for effortless higher octaves and smooth uncoloured response throughout the critical crossover region”, according to PSB, while the unique compound magnet structure of the bass/midrange driver enables “higher sensitivity at declining frequencies” (in other words, volume levels don’t fall away when the speaker is called upon to reproduce deep bass).

The Imagine Series comprises the Imagine T, a three driver, two-way, full range floor standing design ($2,499); the Imagine B, a two-way, bookshelf front channel/stereo playback speaker system ($1,299); the Imagine C, a dual-woofer, two-way centre channel speaker ($999), and the Imagine S, a two-way selectable dipole/bipole/dual channel monopole surround sound loudspeaker ($1,499). The cabinets of the Imagine family are finished in a high grade black ash or dark cherry veneer, and are meticulously ‘cathedral’ matched and hand-finished to a satin finish.