Pure brings a battery and Bluetooth for a portable DAB

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Radio isn’t dead, and we still get people asking us about what sort to buy, but portable DAB is often harder to find, sending people to the Bluetooth speaker instead. Wouldn’t it be nice to see one with both?

Pure might have the answer for that, with the Evoke D2, a model of digital radio that will bring digital radio access (DAB+) and Bluetooth connectivity to a device that can also take a rechargeable battery pack if you feel the need to take the box out to the backyard or somewhere else.

The model appears to be small-ish, and packs in a Class-D amp, a 3.5mm input for an iPod or MP3 player, alarm, snooze timer, and 20 presets spread across 10 DAB stations and 10 FM stations, though no AM radio is supported with this product.

You also have Bluetooth speaker support built into the unit, meaning if you have a phone with Bluetooth (or a tablet or computer), you can use the Evoke D2 as a wireless speaker.

But there is also an optional rechargeable battery pack that can be added, meaning this little DAB can be taken places, such as outside or to the park.

Pricing for the Pure Evoke D2 starts at $229, while the battery pack adds another $79 to the tag, with an availability of roughly now.