Pure de-light

No ordinary DAB+/FM alarm clock radio, Pure’s Twilight has an LED-lit glass dome that will simulate a rising dawn in your bedroom and accompany it with sounds from nature, such as cicadas, wind chimes or birdcalls.

It’s good for the back end of the day too, with a number colour settings to mix mood lighting with your preferred digital or FM radio station, or music from a connected iPod or MP3 player. Mood settings include ‘Rainbow’, which cycles through a series of colours, and ‘Fire’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Wheat’, which transition between red and orange, blue and green, and gold and green respectively.

There’s also a Party mode, where all colours flash like a disco.  Any colour can be selected as a reading light or nightlight for children, plus there are inbuilt lullabies – ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’ for baby’s bedtime.

The dome also touch-sensitive too, so you can dim, brighten, and turn the light on and off by pressing on it.

If this sounds like your cup of tea – your touch sensitive glowing cup of tea – you should be able to find it in stores now for $329.