PureAV Home Theatre Power Console PF60

The Power Console PF60 provides the ultimate power conditioning for serious audiophiles or home theatre enthusiasts. With 13 programmable outlets and Phase 6 PureFilter Circuitry, the PF60 has six isolated filters to provide clean and clear power to all of your valuable components. The LCD status display allows users to monitor input voltage and output current on each individual bank of outlets.

Each PureAV Power Console is packed with innovative features, such as Multi-Phase PureFilterr Circuitry, designed to remove electrical noise and provide clean and clear power to all of your valuable equipment. It isolates audio, video and digital components, and prevents noise created by one connected component from contaminating the entire system.

Built-in Advanced Overvoltage Protection automatically disconnects power from your equipment when the input voltage reaches a dangerous level, and restores power automatically when the voltage returns to a safe level. To deal with threats from sources other than your AC lines, all PureAV Power Consoles come with coaxial cable, pay-per view/phone, and broadband Ethernet line protection.


  • Programmable outlet banks allow you to set switched and delay functionality for each outlet bank
  • Central LCD Control Panel allows you to monitor voltage and current from individual outlet banks
  • Advanced overvoltage protection
  • AC and DC power triggers for flexible hard-wired control of AV equipment
  • Phase 6 PureFilterr circuitry with isolated digital, video, audio and HiCurrentt Filters
  • 3 metre SD1000 HiCurrentt power cable with right angle plug
  • Lifetime Product Warranty and Lifetime AUD$1,000,000 Connected Equipment Warrantyy
  • 8750 joules of surge protection
  • 300,000 amp maximum spike current (a higher amperage rating reflects greater absorption capacity against lightning or sudden dramatic power spikes)
  • 13 surge protected outlets
  • Slim console design fits perfectly in your home theatre cabinet
  • Two-line telephone protection with built-in telephone splitter
  • Two pairs of surge protected F-type connections to connect and protect set-top boxes
  • Surge protected coaxial AV connections to connect and protect TV antennae
  • Surge protected Ethernet (RJ45) connections to connect and protect modems and networking equipment


$899 RRP

Source: Belkin