PVRs get cheap for the holiday season

We thought we’d see 3D TVs get pushed out at obscenely inexpensive prices this holiday season, but it seems that media hubs and PVRs are getting all of the price drops at the end of 2010.

TiVo checked in with us recently to tell us it had dropped the price of its popular 3D delivering set-top video service by $200 bringing the price to $499 RRP. The discounts didn’t stop there as a wireless adaptor was thrown in (valued at $69.95) and a choice of either $50 cash back or $100 in CASPA credits for downloading movies or TV shows.

It’s not just TiVo getting in on the PVR love this holiday season, with Topfield dropping the cost of its PVRs by as much as forty percent in some cases. The high end TRF 2400 Masterpiece has gone from $1099 to $649 while the TRF 7160 has seen its $699 price cut to $549.