QSonix Q110 music management system

Dubbed a ‘music management system’ and with a horribly dry product tag moniker, QSonix make the Q110 sound a lot more boring that it actually is.

Comprising a hard-drive based component-style box and an LCD controller, the Q110 will store and manage up to 4000 CDs-worth of music (and about six times that if you choose to compress the audio).

The audio is stored using lossless compression, for a ‘bit for bit’ reproduction of what’s on your CDs when you retrieve them, and built-in internet access means the system will also retrieve data about your CDs, including the cover art, to help you recognise and manage your collection.

The Q110 also has multi-room capability of up to four zones, each independently controlled, and custom installers will be pleased to hear the system’s built with IR functionality and integration with AMX and Crestron, amongst others, in mind from the start.

Prices start from $5 995 to $11,995, depending on the final configuration.

QSonix Q110 music management system