Razer Huntsman keyboard has optomechanical switches

Razer Hunstman

The Razer Huntsman keyboard uses a new breed of optomechanical key switches. These have an ultra-low 1.5mm actuation point for up to 30% speed increase over full mechanical key switches.

The hybrid design uses the familiar Razer Green switch to provide the clicky bump favoured by gamers. it adds an infrared light switch instead of a mechanical one. The result is a 45g actuation at 1.5mm (full throw is still 4mm) giving a light and clicky feel.

As a result, there is zero debounce delay.

Two models: Razer Huntsman (Australian website here)and Hunstman Elite (Australian website here)

The Razer Huntsman Elite features a programmable digital dial for quick access to functions. It has personalize settings with hybrid onboard memory and cloud storage. An ergonomic leatherette wrist rest completes the premium Elite model. An underglow emanates around all sides of the keyboard and the wrist rest.

Razer Huntsman

Gamers can choose from 16.8 million colours and a variety of lighting effects. Customised settings can be created using the Razer Synapse 3 software platform and shared with millions of other Razer software users via the Razer Chroma Workshop.

In-game Razer Chroma lighting profiles also integrate into popular game titles, including “Fortnite,” “Overwatch,” “Warframe” and more. These profiles can display tutorials, dynamic effects that react to gameplay and more.

The full comparison is here.

GadgetGuy’s take – optomechanical is the future

While optomechanical has been around for several years, cost issues prevented popular take up. You might say that $249.95 for the Razer Huntsman and $339.95 for the Razer Huntsman Elite confirm that!

But that is about half the price they would have been a few years ago. Optomechanical will eventually replace premium laptop keys as they can be manufactured to actuate as low as 1mm with a 2mm throw.

GadgetGuy has an article on the optomechanical Perfected Keyboard now in Indiegogo crowdfunding stage that looks interesting.