Raze’s Hell

Sick of cliched games where the good guy is handsome and the foe is ugly? If this is the case try Raze on for size. The evil enemy in this game is a maniacal race of cute critters called Kewlitts and these guys want to beautify the rest of your realm, not by giving everything a good tidy up, but by exterminating all other life. You are Raze, a big ugly ungainly chap who returns to his village just as it is going through the ?cutefication? process. You are lucky enough to escape with your life. The game then sees you hunting the Kewlits, following them back to their squeaky clean pastel coloured world and opening a can of whoopass. As far as 3D shooters go they don?t get much stranger than this, but Raze is a decent shooter with different weapons and a sense of humour.

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