Rdio, Rara launch cross-platform unlimited streaming music services

Then there’s the second service: Rara. Launched immediately after Rdio – and adopting a four-letter name beginning with “r” – this service is cross-platform too, but not nearly as versatile.

Rara offers web and mobile music playback, though at the moment, mobile options are limited to Android devices.

Rara's web presence.

The service seems to have the support of HP, with the computer company saying it will be pre-loaded on several locally released laptops, and coming soon to iOS and “other platforms”.

Like other services, Rara grabs its music from Universal, Sony, EMI, and Warner, effectively providing access to over 10 million tracks.

Music buffs will be keen to see that electronic and pop artist Imogen Heap has been taken up by Rara to work as an editor on the site, sitting on the company’s Music Advisory Board.

Sadly, Rara doesn’t offer a trial account, making it one of the few music services that lacks an introduction mechanism. Rara offers ad-free listening, provided you hook into the $0.99 price for the first three months and then pay $8 per month minimum afterwards.

Like Rdio, there’s an extra cost for using the mobile service, bringing it up to $12.99 monthly for having Rara’s music available to your mobile for offline use. At the time of publishing, Android Market doesn’t offer Rara locally, making it impossible for Australians to use on the go.

Australian Android cannot currently grab the Rara app.

We’re not sure about Rara yet, and certainly not having a trial or available mobile app doesn’t exactly entice us, though 99 cents isn’t a hard ask.

We do like cross-platform music services, but we’ll need to give both of these a more extended evaluation to assess their long-term appeal.

What do you think of subscription music streaming services like Rdio and Rara? Would you pay to trial a service? Do you even like the idea of music streaming, or would you prefer to own your music? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.