Reaching the summit: climbing Everest with a little bit of everyday tech to help

Mother/daughter climbing team Cheryl and Nikki Bart, the “Oz Chicks with Altitude”, reached the top of Mt Everest on May 24th, with a little help from technology anyone can buy or use! By Helen Bradley.

In 2008, tackling Everest requires more than good boots and rope. Aussie mother/daughter climbing team Cheryl and Nikki Bart arrived at Everest in April with their dreams, their climbing gear and some of the latest technologies to help them stay in touch with family and well wishers as they faced the last hurdle in their inspiring seven mountain challenge.

Cheryl and Nikki BartTackling Mt Everest is a dream for most mountain climbers but few make it as far as the foot of the mountain in Katmandu and fewer still reach the top. In April this year, Australian mother and daughter team, Cheryl and Nikki Bart – fondly known as Oz Chicks with Altitude – arrived in Katmandu to summit Mt Everest. Before their Everest adventure, the pair had successfully climbed six of the seven tallest peaks on each of the seven continents – the famed Seven Summits – only Everest remained.

Ahead of them was a chance to become the first mother/daughter team to climb Everest and the first mother/daughter team to climb the Seven Summits. They also hoped, through Climb to Inspire, their association with Inspire (, to raise money and awareness for young people throughout Australia who are struggling with their own personal Everests.

Climbing Mt Everest takes a lot of planning and along with their mountain climbing gear, the Aussie pair took with them a grab bag of technologies that would help them stay safe on the mountain and stay in touch with friends and well wishers throughout the world via their website at