Recalls June 2021 – NZXT, Mort Bay, Facebook Oculus, LifeGuard

NZXT recall

Recalls June 2021 is a reader service to alert them to recent tech recalls. This month its NZXT HJ1 PC case, Mort Bay powerboards, Facebook Oculus facial foam inserts, and the LifeGuard SmartHome IP dialler.

INS LifeGuard — LifeGuard SmartHome IP Dialler versions 2.0 and 2.2

It is a medical alarm device used to connect alarm monitoring services to residents in their homes. The rechargeable battery may fail and be a fire risk. Sold from 3/11/17 to 9/10/2020.

INS LifeGuard will contact affected consumers directly to arrange for the affected product to be returned for inspection. Where necessary, repair and/or battery replacement free of charge.

For further information, please contact INS LifeGuard by phone on 1800 636 226 or email or via the website at

Facebook Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets – Removable Foam Facial Interface

The removable foam facial interface contains chemicals that may cause skin irritation.

Included with each Quest 2 headset and available separately as a replacement and in the Quest 2 Fit Pack. Made between 6/72020 and 4/1/2021 Quest 2 VR headsets with serial numbers beginning with ‘1WMVR’ or ‘1WMHH’ and fourth from last character ‘0’ (zero).

Oculus is replacing the foam interface. Contact Oculus support via

Mort Bay PowerBoards sold via Bunnings 1/10/2020 and 31/5/2021

The black on/off switch cover may break and separate from the product, exposing live parts. Products include:

  • Mort Bay 4-Way 3m Individual Switch Power Board
    Model number: 14038/ Item number: 4331026
  • Mort Bay 6-Way 5m Individual Switch Power Board
    Model number: 14021/ Item number: 4331025
  • Only batch numbers 13119301120, 13095301020 and 13046300820 are in this recall.

Consumers should immediately stop using the product and return it to their nearest Bunnings store for a full refund. To find the nearest Bunnings store, go to

NZXT Australia Pty Ltd — NZXT H1 Computer Cases fitted with PCIe Riser Assembly

The computer cases have a black tempered glass front with the NZXT brand name at the bottom. The model number and serial number are on the bottom of the case. SKUs CA-H16WR-W1 and CA-H16WR-B1. SERIAL NUMBER RANGE: 1200233400001 to 1203962204202 00648999610844189725 to 00648999610844206361 0120AC00100001 to 01211C01900285

The design of the PCIe riser can cause a short circuit and catch fire.

Sold via between 1/2/2020 and 16/2/2021

  • Auscomp Computers Pty Ltd
  • Austin Computers
  • Budget PC Pty Ltd (Budgetpc Online)
  • Capitol Computer
  • Chris Manson Computer Support
  • Computer Alliance
  • CPL Distribution Pty Ltd  (CPL Online)
  • CX Computer
  • First Blood
  • Harris Technology Pty Ltd
  • Hyka Technology
  • JW Computers
  • IT Networks Pty Ltd
  • IT Strategic
  • Mwave Online Computers 
  • PC Case Gear
  • PLE Computers
  • Scorptec Computers
  • TechBuy Pty Ltd

For further information, please contact NZXT Australia on 1800 413 611 or email at

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Recalls June 2021, Recalls June 2021, Recalls June 2021